Our current partners

logo Cimaas


CiMaas develops immunotherapy for cancer by optimally engaging the immune system. Dendritic cell vaccines, NK cells are enhanced by monoclonal antibodies.

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TripleMed is developing a breakthrough minimally-invasive approach to treating aortic aneurysms – both abdominal (AAA’s) and thoracic (TAA’s). The TripleMed technique is known as NSAR – pronounced “ensar” – for Non-Surgical Aneurysm Repair. It has the potential to treat all patients with an aneurysm, including the roughly 50% of treated patients world-wide who currently undergo traditional open surgery.



Neuroplast develops therapeutic strategies interfering with the various processes leading to neurodegeneration, by reducing inflammation and increasing neuroplasticity, an unmet need in many idiopathic, traumatic and ischemic neurodegenerative disorders.



VACIS develops in situ tissue engineered blood vessels providing novel therapeutic options for vascular surgery. Prosthetic vascular graft failure is a frequent complication in vascular surgery with substantial morbidity and health care costs. VACIS provides patients autologous graft vessels, with sustained patency and fewer complications requiring less corrective interventions.

Project Partners

Eyegle BV

Eyegle BV

Eyegle BV will develop and commercialise topical drug delivery device based solutions to treat ophthalmic diseases.

Xilloc Medical BV

Xilloc Medical BV

Xilloc Medical provide patient specfic implants to reconstruct parts of the human's skeleton.




logo RegMedXB

RegMed XB

RegMed XB. Regenerative medicine aims to restore degenerated, diseased or damaged tissues and organs, thereby increasing vital functioning and reducing the cost of healthcare. RegMed XB brings together multiple health foundations, top scientists, entrepreneurs and governments to cooperatively tackle ambitious challenges in regenerative medicine.

BioMedical Partners

Chemelot InSciTe